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Italy – Italien
Italy The typical and unspoiled mountain regions of the Italian Alps, Aosta and Trentino Alto Adige – three countries to unite in the cultures of Central Europe with the Italian Culture and that of the Celtic peoples of the Alps. And do not forget are the mountains of Lombardy and Piedmont, which hosted the Olympic
Eintrag vom: 22:29:00 - 18.04.2010
Austria – Österreich
Austria Austria has a lot to offer its residents. But the capital, the quality of life in the world stands at the top, is a popular attraction for tourists and settlers. Probably the wealthier area is the Währinger and Döblinger Cottage area. This is on the Türkenschanze in the municipalities and Währing Dobling. Initially shaped
Eintrag vom: 14:28:00 - 15.03.2010
Los Angeles
Los Angeles Across the pond on the west coast of the United States is the actor’s paradise Los Angeles. Here we find the most exciting and beautiful mansions of the stars and starlets. The most exclusive residential area, this neighborhood is “Beverly Hills”. In addition to Beverly Hills is still the Californian city of Santa
Eintrag vom: 11:06:00 - 18.02.2010
Zurich – Zürich
Zurich At the Viennese life seamlessly joins the city of Zurich in Switzerland. This has a population of around 365,000 and a relatively low unemployment rate. Some of the most beautiful residential areas in Zurich can be found most directly around Lake Zurich. The Lake Zurich is long, narrow and curved a bit. He steers
Eintrag vom: 20:46:00 - 23.01.2010
Switzerland – Schweiz
Switzerland Switzerland is a total of 7.7 million inhabitants. Zurich scored in the study of life second in the world. In Zurich offers the finest and most exclusive residential areas. Attractive villas and houses with architectural masterpieces are waiting for new owners who appreciate the charm and the art of villas and houses. One of ...
Eintrag vom: 09:30:00 - 21.12.2009
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara The city of Santa Barbara is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in America. Here, the rich of the rich have liked least twice as much time for their home than in other states. Santa Barbara is known for the beauty of the city and the beaches and the American Riviera. Life in
Eintrag vom: 23:48:00 - 14.11.2009
Colorado One of the best known and most popular ski resorts in the U.S. is certainly the famous Aspen, Colorado. Aspen is, according to a study, the richest city in the United States and also one of the richest in the world. The average price of a house here in Aspen is more than 1.5
Eintrag vom: 16:04:00 - 14.10.2009
San Diego
San Diego San Diego is at night, a true dream. And this dream also attracts a large number of tourists every year. But even with immigrants San Diego is very highly valued. For the good infrastructure, low crime rate, and enjoy the pleasant climate, the inhabitants and tourists. In San Diego, there are good schools
Eintrag vom: 23:24:00 - 14.09.2009
New York
New York In New York there are countless opportunities settle. There are homes in all sizes, typical New York row houses and townhouses great. For the most exclusive residential neighborhood in New York City is certainly one of the TriBeCa neighborhood of Manhattan Island. TriBeCa was originally an industrial area, but has experienced since the
Eintrag vom: 11:07:00 - 17.08.2009
France – Frankreich
France The French part of the Alps is located in the east of the country and form a 400 km long strip, which is only about 60 to 160 km wide. The most famous mountain in the French Alps is Mont Blanc, which is around 4807 meters the highest mountain in Western Europe. In the
Eintrag vom: 10:34:00 - 16.07.2009
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