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New & Hot
What’s new, what’s hot? A current high standing in the course of music lovers music style is the post-punk revival. The post-punk comes from the UK is similar to the New Wave. At the time the post-punk bands were important representatives of the typical post-punk representatives were or are The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, [...]
Eintrag vom: 15:52:00 - 21.01.2010
World Music
World Music It is striking in a safe visit to Spain the choice of songs played on the radio. Here you can hear almost exclusively Spanish title, for the Spaniards love their musical culture, be it Spanish pop music, Spanish pop songs or even opera arias. As cultural history, the Spaniards call their flamenco dance, [...]
Eintrag vom: 18:20:00 - 14.01.2010
First-class remixes A remix is remixing a song based on the Mehrspuroriginals. The remixes, we find primarily in the hip-hop and dance music. Especially from the 90′s remixes often encounter commercial success in pop music. Such as de remix of the song by Everything But The Girl “Missing” in a House version and Moloko’s “Sing [...]
Eintrag vom: 10:12:00 - 24.12.2009
Chartstürmer A wonderful and successful symbiosis developed in cooperation of the House DJs David Guetta and R’n'B singer Kelly Rowland, the former with Destinys Child and solo artist also became world famous. With their first single in Europe on several occasions they reached the first place in the charts. David Guetta climbs with his new [...]
Eintrag vom: 00:38:00 - 18.12.2009
MP3 Player
Smaller players’ em rip! An MP3 player is an electronic rather small device and can save more storage volume to play a variety of songs and. Since 1982 has worked in Germany to develop the ultimate MP3 player. The first portable MP3 player as we know it today came in 1998 to the market. Brandenburg’s [...]
Eintrag vom: 18:30:00 - 16.07.2009
Let the Music
Let the music play …. The most common genre is surely the most popular music, popular music as one of the best known. Pop music is a musical form that emerged from the rock and roll beat music and folk and eventually was made popular by the Beatles. The now produced for the majority of [...]
Eintrag vom: 11:10:00 - 19.06.2009
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